Kan du tänka dig att du flytta och arbeta i Schweiz? En av våra uppdragsgivare söker en IT Chef ”ICT Leader (Information and Communication Technology)”

Har du rätt förutsättningar och kan vara intresserad av en spännande utmaning och en möjlighet till grym personlig utveckling i en internationell miljö?
Företaget ligger strax utanför Zürich. Intervjuer kommer att ske i Göteborg.

Blir du intresserad, kontakta peter(a)tillvaxtcompagniet.se så snart som möjligt så kan vi prata om vilket företag det gäller konkret samt mer detaljer kring tjänsten.

Overall description of the job

The Company ICT Leader ensures that the ICT tools support the implementation of the Company Strategy. He/she will develop and maintain the Company  ICT tools to boost efficiency and enable competitiveness. This is done with strong collaboration and in synergy with  Corporate Group ICT Team

Main tasks

  • Develop/implement ICT strategies that support the implementation of the Company strategies and in alignment with Corporate Group IT strategy. This includes
    • Collecting and analysing user requirements to determine methods, tools costs and time-lines of IT development and implementation.
    • Ensuring the implementation of projects for application deployment, ensuring the compliance with the allocated budget by monitoring the changes in costs and making the necessary corrective measures
  • Manage the ICT Infrastructure including the physical network (e.g., WAN/LAN, servers, terminals) as well as server applications and software to follow Corporate Group standards, policies. Ensure  the relative upgrade, according to business requirements
  • Implement standards and streamline processes
  • Guarantee
    • availability of resources for maintenance, diagnosis and solution of systems
    • high resilience of the infrastructural environment
    • stable software functionality
    • high level of skills among the user to use the software in the correct way
    • cost efficiency and economy of scale when using the IT Tools
    • technical support to the users
  • Ensure that the ICT organization configure, install, maintain, upgrade and back up applications and systems.
  • Ensure implementation of Corporate ICT initiatives at Company
  • Provides guidance when recruiting ITCT professionals.
  • Manages and lead the ITC team to ensure professional development to meet objectives.
  • Manage and optimise the budget assigned for ICT  to ensure that relevant and cost effective tools are implement to support he business


  • Business processes
  • Documental experience in successful Project Management
  • General Information Technology (ERP, CRM and Infrastructural items)
  • English, spoken and written

Skills and Abilities needed:

  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Team building
  • Leadership
  • Education and experience: 
  • Master of Science in IT and at least five years of experience from a leadership function focusing on IT development and maintenance.
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